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03 MÁJ 2011

WMO Conference Topoľčianky 3.- 6.5.2011

SHMÚ | 3.5.2011 | SPRÁVA | SHMÚ

WMO Conference Topoľčianky 3.- 6.5.2011

International Conference on current knowledge of Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture and Forestry in Europe COST-WMO Topoľčianky 3. - 6.5.  2011

1. E. Balashov, N. Buchkina, E. Rizhiya - Assessment of greenhouse gas fluxes in northwestern agricultural region of Russia:messurements and modeling
2. O. Brunini, J.P. Carvalho, V.B. Ciarelli, A.P.C. Brunini - Climate changes scenarious and their impacts on interactions on forest and agriculture
3. G.C. Blain, L. Bardin, O. Brunini - Stochastic modeling of the extreme minimum air temperature series of campinas, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil: A non- stationary approach
4. E. Cloppet, M. Regimbeau - Fire Weather Index: from high resolution climatology to Climate Change impact study
5. N.R. Dalezios, N.V. Spyropoulos, A. Blanta, E. Kanellou: Spatiotemporal Drought Variability and Classification over Greece based on Remotely Sensed Indices
6. A.M. Dalla, M. Mancini, F. Natali, F. Orlando, S. Orlandini - From Water to Bioethanol: The Impact of Climate variability on the Water Footprint
7. J. Doltra, J.E. Olesen, M. Laegdsmand - Yield and nitrogen leaching trends in an arable cropping system under projected future climate in Denmark
8. G. Duveiller - Agriculture under climate change: MARS-AGRI4CAST on-going activities
9. H. Eckersten, A. Kornher, A. Herrmann, B. Torssell, P. Nyman - Produktivity and growing period of expanding crops under climate change in Sweden
10. J. Eitzinger et al. - Sensitivities of crop models to extreme weather events - a case study for maize and winter wheat in Austria
11. J. Eitzinger et al. - Spatial climatic variability in agricultural areas and its relevance to climate trends
12. A. Gobin - Impact of extreme events on crop produktion under climate change in Belgium
13. L. Hajkova, V. Vozenilek, R. Tolasz, J. Neckovar, A. Vondrakova, A. Vavra - Wild plants´phenology in the Czech republic during 1991 - 2010
14. T. Halenka, M. Belda, J. Miksovsky & team - High Resolution Climate Change Scenarios Available in Europe for Impact Studies in Agriculture
15. M. Hayes - Delivering Drought Information Services to the Word: Activities of the National Drought Mitigation Center
16. P. Hlavinka, M. Trnka, J. Balek, M. Fischer, J. Eitzinger, M. Možný, Z. Žalud - Water balance assessment at various spatial scales through the central Europe
17. M. Kepinska-Kasprzak, P. Struzik - Evapotranspiration as a part of water balance - comparison of ground and satellite measurements
18. K. C. Kersenbaum, C. Nendel - Modelling climate change impacts on crop production and management in different regions of Germany using different algorithms to consider the CO2 effect
19. A. Kleshchenko - Bioclimatic potencional of Russia at changing climate
20. E. Koch, Ch. Hammerl, W. Lipa, Ch. Maurer, M. Ungersbock - COST725 = PEP725 and BACCHUS
21. P. Kolar, R. Brazdil, M. Trnka - Climatic factors influence on extremely low yields of selected crops in southern Moravia during 1961-2007
22. J. Kozyra, A. Nieróbca, K. Mizak, R. Pudelko, L. Switaj, T. Górski - How crop yields have responded to climate conditions in Poland between 1972 and 2009
23. K. Kristensen, K. Schelde, J. E. Olsen - Response of winter wheat to climate in Denmark and prediction of yield in future climate projections
24. G. Kubu, J. Eitzinger, S. Thaler - Use of ASCAT Data for Crop Model Application A Case Study from Austria
25. B. Lalic, J. Eitzinger, S. Thaler, P. Nejedlik, V. Kazandjiev, V. Vucetic, G. Jacimovic, D. Latkovic, L. Saylan, A. Susnik, H. Eckersten - Using results of modelled yield deviation and indices of weather extremes towards a better yield assessment
26. J.- H. Kim, S.-O. Kim, J.I. Yun, B.-L. Lee - Impact Assessment on Temperate Fruits using High-Definition Digital Climate Maps under Projected Climate Change in Korea
27. B.- L.Lee, R. Motha - GFCS Implementation for AgroMeteorology from the Perspective of CAgM/WMO
28. T. Domonkos, I. Lichner - Analysis of adaptation to climate change with the emphasis on the sectors of agriculture and forestry
29. A. Mestre - Trends of different agroclimatic parameters in Spain
30. D. T. Mihailovič - Climate change: Whether we might have an intermezzo before the next steps?
31. ME. Moeletsi, E.A. Mellaart, S. Mpandeli - The use of rainfall forecasts to assist in smallscale farming decisions: case study of Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces, South Africa
32. R. Motha - Climate Change and The Risk to Agriculture
33. T. Mullerová, P. Štepánek, A. Farda, M. Edwards-Jonášová, T. Žid, P. Čermák, Š. Krístek, P. Cudlín - The use of regional climate scenario for future risk assessment of spruce forests in Slezské Beskydy
34. J.Škvarenina, T. Vida, P. Nejedlík - Drought and forest fire danger assessment in changing conditions of climate in Slovakia
35. A.T. Nertan, G. Stancalie, D. Mihailescu - Analysis of modis laitime series data using timesat software
36. M. Nováková, J. Takáč, R. Skalský - Soil water deficit, consuption, surplus, recharge and number of dry days as indikators of soil moisture dynamics in agricultural land of Slovakia
37. J. E. Olesen - Challenges for European research on climate change impacts and adaptation
38. S. Orlandini - Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on European Agriculture:CLIVAGRI - COST 734
V. D. Pacular - Local Climate Change Scenarios for Forest Management Units in Brasov Mountains (South-Eastern Transylvania)
40. T. Palosuo, R. Rotter - Major results of crop model comparisons
41. P. Šťastný, P. Faško, P. Kajaba - Climate change impacts and vulnerability assessment in some sectors in Slovakia
42. J. Pecho - Extreme precipitation total in 2010 in context of historical precipitation data in Slovakia
43. P. Peltonen-Sainio et al. - Coincidence of variation in yield and climate in Europe
44. J.- L. Peyron - Facing climate change, similarities and differences between agriculture and forestry
45. F. Rossi, N.d. Virgilio, A. Monti - An LCA-GIS INTEGRATED APPROACH for sustainable allocation for energy crops
46. F. Ruget et al. - Impacts of climate change on the production of crops used in French livestock systems
47. A. Shahabfar, J. Eitzinger - Evaluation of Indices for an Agricultural Drought Monitoring System in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions
48. S. Singh, J. Eitzinger, D. Singh - Climate Change Induces Farming Uncertainty: The Regional Concerns
49. T. H. Sivertsen, J. Gailis - Discussing "sustainable agriculturural production" and " sustainable development"
50. O.H. Baadshaug, L.E. Haugen, A.O. Skjelvag - Climate change and ley yields in marginal areas
51. W. Smith at al. - Assessment of potential agricultural management strategies to adapt to climate variability and climate change in Canada
52. G. Stancalie et al. - Deriving agrometeorological parameters from the remotely sensed data with the integration with other sources of information for drought monitoring
53. R. Stefanski - Climate Variability, Climate Change & Climate Services Related to Sustainable Agriculture
54. R. Stone - The value of climate forecasting in assisting the agricultural community´s ability to cope with climate variability and climate change - with reference to the Australian experience
55. A. Sušnik et al. - Use of WinISAREG model and Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) in the detection of agricultural drought in the frame of DMCSEE
56. Szalai S. - Climate of the Carpathian Region. A JRC tender for high resolution gridded database
57. B. Šiška, J. Takáč - Evaluation of Adaptive Measures to Reduce Climate Change Impact on Soil Organic Carbon Stock on Danubian Lowland
58. L. Toulios et al. - Challenges of Remote Sensing Data in Models for Assessing Climate Impacts on Agriculture
59. M. Trnka - Agroclimatic conditions in Europe under Climate Change
60. A. Vesselin, T. Denev - Climate variability and change in Bulgaria and related drought impacts on crops
61. V. Vucetic B. Krulic - Apple phenology and application of Utah model in Croatia

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