Current weather - Europe

Current weather - 21.11.2017

Time Station Temperature Direction Speed Gust Cloudiness Weather
21.Nov-04h AJACCIO 11.0°C SV 3 m/s   Overcast
21.Nov-04h ANKARA 4.0°C SZ 6 m/s   Nearly overcast
21.Nov-04h ANTALYA 11.2°C S 9 m/s 14 m/s Partly cloudy
21.Nov-04h ARCHANGELSK -7.8°C SV 3 m/s   Overcast
21.Nov-04h ARRECIFE 18.3°C S 3 m/s  
21.Nov-04h ATENY 7.2°C PREM 2 m/s  
21.Nov-04h BELEHRAD 1.8°C J 3 m/s   Partly cloudy
21.Nov-04h BENATKY 4.0°C SZ 3 m/s  
21.Nov-04h BREST 12.5°C JZ 5 m/s   Overcast
21.Nov-04h BURGAS 4.7°C SZ 4 m/s   Broken
21.Nov-04h CAGLIARI 6.8°C S 3 m/s   Clear sky
21.Nov-04h CONSTANTA 3.4°C S 2 m/s 5 m/s Partly cloudy
21.Nov-05h FRANKFURT 7.4°C J 6 m/s 8 m/s Nearly overcast
21.Nov-05h GRAZ -0.8°C PREM 1 m/s   Few clouds
21.Nov-05h GREIFSWALD 3.3°C J 2 m/s 3 m/s Overcast
21.Nov-04h HELSINKI -0.1°C S 4 m/s   Overcast
21.Nov-04h HERAKLION 14.0°C SZ 9 m/s   Cloudy
21.Nov-04h HURGUADA 17.0°C SZ 5 m/s   Clear sky
21.Nov-04h HVAR 9.4°C V 4 m/s   Few clouds
21.Nov-04h ISTANBUL 6.3°C SZ 6 m/s   Nearly overcast
21.Nov-04h KAHIRA 17.7°C JZ 5 m/s   Clear sky
21.Nov-04h KAZAN 0.3°C JV 2 m/s   Cloudy
21.Nov-04h KODAN 2.7°C V 3 m/s   Cloudy
21.Nov-04h LAS PALMAS 19.6°C Z 2 m/s   Clear sky
21.Nov-05h LEBA -2.1°C J 3 m/s   Few clouds
21.Nov-01h LISABON 11.4°C SV 2 m/s  
21.Nov-04h MARSEILLE 2.0°C SV 1 m/s  
21.Nov-05h MESINA 11.0°C Z 3 m/s   Few clouds
21.Nov-04h NEAPOL 5.1°C S 2 m/s   Clear sky
21.Nov-04h NICE 10.3°C SZ 5 m/s   Cloudy
21.Nov-05h OSLO -5.1°C JV 1 m/s  
21.Nov-04h PARIZ 7.7°C JZ 2 m/s   Nearly overcast
21.Nov-04h PETROHRAD 1.2°C JV 1 m/s   Cloudy
21.Nov-04h PODGORICA 2.1°C S 1 m/s   Clear sky
21.Nov-04h PULA 5.9°C JV 1 m/s   Partly cloudy
21.Nov-04h REYKJAVIK -1.6°C S 7 m/s   Nearly overcast
21.Nov-04h RIGA 1.5°C JZ 1 m/s   Nearly overcast
21.Nov-04h RIJEKA 9.2°C SV 2 m/s   Nearly overcast
21.Nov-01h RIM 4.7°C SV 2 m/s   Clear sky
21.Nov-05h SALZBURG 3.5°C JZ 3 m/s   Overcast
21.Nov-04h SOFIA 1.8°C Z 4 m/s   Nearly clear sky
21.Nov-04h TALIN 1.4°C Z 2 m/s   Overcast
21.Nov-04h TEL AVIV 16.3°C V 3 m/s   Nearly overcast
21.Nov-01h TENERIFE 20.1°C Z 2 m/s  
21.Nov-04h THESSALONIKI 8.0°C S 5 m/s   Nearly clear sky
21.Nov-05h TROMSO -0.7°C V 4 m/s   Overcast
21.Nov-04h TUNIS 11.5°C J 3 m/s   Few clouds
21.Nov-04h VARNA 2.8°C Z 3 m/s   Clear sky
21.Nov-05h VIEDEN 3.7°C Z 3 m/s  
21.Nov-04h VOLGOGRAD 0.9°C JV 5 m/s   Broken
21.Nov-04h ZAHREB 0.2°C V 1 m/s   Nearly overcast
21.Nov-05h ZENEVA -2.7°C SZ 1 m/s  
21.Nov-05h ZURICH 5.1°C JZ 2 m/s  
21.Nov-05h OSTRAVA 1.7°C JZ 5 m/s   Overcast Rain
21.Nov-05h STUTGART 6.0°C J 4 m/s 7 m/s Overcast Rain
21.Nov-05h BRNO 1.3°C J 3 m/s   Overcast Rain and snow
21.Nov-04h BUKUREST -2.6°C Z 2 m/s 2 m/s Clear sky Mist
21.Nov-05h KRAKOW 1.3°C J 1 m/s   Overcast Mist
21.Nov-04h KYJEV 1.5°C Z 3 m/s   Nearly overcast Mist
21.Nov-04h MILANO 6.7°C S 2 m/s   Cloudy Mist
21.Nov-04h MINSK 0.7°C Z 1 m/s   Overcast Mist
21.Nov-05h WARSAVA -1.5°C Z 2 m/s   Clear sky Mist
21.Nov-04h BORDO 3.3°C V 2 m/s   Overcast Fog
21.Nov-05h BERLIN 2.9°C JV 3 m/s 4 m/s Overcast Drizzle
21.Nov-05h HAMBURG 4.2°C V 2 m/s 2 m/s Overcast Drizzle
21.Nov-04h BRUSSELS 10.4°C JZ 4 m/s   Overcast Drizzle and rain
21.Nov-05h MNICHOV 5.6°C Z 10 m/s 13 m/s Overcast Rain recently
21.Nov-05h PRAHA 2.3°C JZ 6 m/s   Overcast Rain recently
21.Nov-04h MURMANSK -14.1°C J 2 m/s 3 m/s Overcast Fog recently
21.Nov-05h BONN 10.7°C Z 5 m/s 9 m/s Overcast Drizzle recently
21.Nov-05h INNSBRUCK 2.0°C PREM 3 m/s   Overcast Rain shower
21.Nov-04h SOCI 14.5°C V 4 m/s   Overcast Rain shower
21.Nov-04h MOSKVA -0.2°C S 2 m/s   Overcast Snow
21.Nov-04h PECORA -4.6°C SZ 1 m/s   Overcast Snow
21.Nov-05h STOCKHOLM -1.0°C SZ 2 m/s   Snow

Time zone is CET

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