Quantity of groundwater

Monitoring network, variables and methods


The groundwater quantity monitoring network in Slovakia consists of springs and groundwater monitoring wells (piezometers).

Springs are monitored within the primary network. Monitoring consists of free-flowing as well as captured springs for consumptive use in all main hydrogeological units (mostly Mesozoic formations). A total of 356 springs were monitored in 2008. Observations at these springs are taken weekly. Furthermore 123 springs were outfitted with automatic and limnigraphic recorders with hourly or continuous recording. Water temperature is measured in addition to spring yield.


The primary and secondary network of groundwater monitoring wells (piezometers) of the SHMU consists of 1124 sites (in 2008). Water level and groundwater temperature are generally recorded weekly by voluntary observers (on Wednesdays). Automatic recorders with hourly intervals and limnigraphic recorders with continuous recording were installed at 513 sites. At 512 of these sites, water temperature was measured daily and at 72 sites weekly. Most of the monitoring wells are situated in Quaternary sediments, only few (64 wells) are situated in pre-Quaternary formations - from Neogene to Crystallinicum.