Surface water quality


In paragraph 4 Act number 364/2004 Coll. (water act) indicate that the identification and evaluation of surface water quality monitoring and affecting the quality of surface water to provide the information needed for:
• the creation of policies for sustainable use of surface waters and their protection
• preparation and processing of River Basin Management Plans,
• performance on the national Water Resource Management Authority,
• public information and needs for the water management.

The objective of surface water quality monitoring under § 4 of the Decree no. 418/2010 Coll. on the execution of some provisions to the Water Act is to provide basic data on surface water quality (chemical and physical-chemical parameters, biological quality elements and microbiological parameters).

The national surface water quality monitoring programme in the Slovak Republic has been started in 1963.
Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Surface Water Quality Department, is responsible for the collection, validation and assessment of surface water quality data and archiving data from national monitoring network of surface water quality in Slovakia.



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Ing. Lea Mrafková, PhD.

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