Division Hydrological Service


Division of Hydrological Service is responsible for operational activities, research and development  on national scale in the areas of monitoring and assessment of water quantity and quality, water balance processing and Summary water account and reporting. It does so in compliance with the national legislation: The State Hydrological Service and the State Meteorological Service Act No: 201/2009, Water Act No. 364/2004, Flood Protection Act No., 7/2009 and others such as Environmental Data Collection, Holding and Transmission Act No. 205/2004, Integrated Prevention a Supervision of Pollution of Environment Act No. 245/2003 and other national and international legislation within the fulfillment of international obligation or within the framework of international projects cooperation.


Activities are executed on the basis of systematic observation, gathering, collection, processing and evaluation of data within the state hydrological observatory network and in cooperation with other relevant national and international organizations or institutions. Obtained data is analyzed, evaluated, interpreted, archived, transmitted and presented. Division provides related activities to water status assessment and provides a  professional and technical platform for a  state administration in its effective area. It provides information to the public and other subjects in accordance with relevant legislation.


Dipl. Ing. Jana Poórová, PhD.

Division Director


Organizational structure of the Division


Office of Division Director

Department of Surface Water Quantity

Department of Surface Water Quality

Department of Groundwater

Department of Quantity of surface water Banská Bystrica

Department of Quantity of surface water Košice

Department of Quantity of surface waters Žilina




Contact :

Office of Division Director

Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute

Jeséniova 17

833 15 Bratislava

Slovak republic

Phone: +421 2 54 77 57 30, 59415 233

Fax: +421 2 59415 393

E-mail: shmu-dhs@shmu.sk