Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute - Department of Emissions is the Single National Entity with the overall responsibility of the compilation and finalisation of inventory reports and their submission to the UNFCCC Secretariat and the European Commission according the official journal: Vestnik, Ministry of Environment, XV, 3, 2007, page 19. Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute - Department of Emission is the coordinator of the National Inventory system. The official publication about National inventory system for GHG emissions and projection under Article 5 of the Kyoto Protocol was published in the official journal of Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic http://www.enviro.gov.sk/servlets/files/16715.

The SHMI is up to that developing and maintaining a National Emission Inventory System (NEIS) - database of stationary sources to follow development of emissions of SO2, NOx, CO at regional level and to fulfill reporting commitments of national and EU Directives. The NEIS software product is constructed as a multi-module system, corresponding fully to the require­ments of current legislation. The NEIS database contains also some technical information about sources like fuel con­sumption and use for estimation of sectoral approach.

According to the Act 478/2002 Coll. on Air Protection, competencies and decision-making process on large, medium and small pollution sources are given to regional, district levels and municipalities.

The organisational structure is easily extended to include the inventory obligations for other pollutants (basic pollutants, ammonia, volatile organic matters, POPs, heavy metals and solid particles) within the framework of the international conventions and the EU directives (CLRTAP, NECD, IPPC and e-PRTR). One system for emission inventory simlifyinf and streamlining the reported data.