Department of Climatological service

  • Methodological guide for climatological, precipitation and agricultural (phenological) network of Slovakia.
  • Coordination and solution of tasks dealing with climatological system, climate change and variability.
  • Coordination and solution of tasks concerning operation, research and trend issues in the frame of national and international projects from the field of climatology, agrometeorology and phenology.
  • Coordination and processing of sources for regulations (norms).
  • Drawing up the methodologies   for climatological, precipitation, agrometeorological and phenological network activities as well as for stations measuring sunshine duration.
  • Providing of meteorological data   to world meteorological and hydrological centers (1, 2 ...).
  • Providing of climatological services, information, assessments, expertise and special services of climatological, precipitation, agrometeorological and phenological reviews, bulletins and reports.
  • Coordination, projection and testing of applications and outputs for Climatological and meteorological information system (KMIS)
  • Processing, authorization and archiving of sunshine radiation characteristics in database KMIS
  • Providing of data collection focused on releasing of climatological, precipitation, agricultural and phenological operational information for weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual reports and bulletins elaboration.
  • Performance of  National reference center activity for climate change

Organization structure:

Contact information:

RNDr. Pavel Šťastný, CSc.
Jeséniova 17
833 15 Bratislava
Slovak republic
Tel: +421 59415 359
Fax: +421 54772 034