Climatological and meteorological information system (KMIS)

KMIS provides for:

  • Coordination and development of KMIS at Slovak hydrometeorological institute (SHMÚ),
  • Solution of research and development tasks in connection to KMIS and integrated information system (IS) of SHMÚ,
  • Creation, processing and optimization database system (DB) of KMIS, accessibility of information from DB KMIS according to specific rules,
  • Solution of relevant tasks in scope of national and international projects,
  • Transformation of data, control of completeness of reporting, quality control (QC) and revision of hydrometeorological, climatological and phonological data, their accessibility and distribution to users
  • Analytical data processing and creation of tabular, graphical and map outputs in KMIS setting
  • Support of development and realization of requirements to KMIS for solution of tasks SHMÚ (resort, international project etc.)
  • Application development at KMIS - applications providing publication of climatological, phonological and agrometeorological information via internet of SHMÚ.

Database of KMIS

DB KMIS is designated for monitoring, processing and long term storing of climatological and meteorological data and information especially data of regime character, further KMIS DB process, archives and provides operational meteorological data from station network of Slovakia.

KMIS DB is divided in a data domains and sub-domains that are interconnected.

Forms of source media of input data are especially:

  • DB records of paper sheets (climatological, precipitation and phenological records,characteristics of soil temperature, station sheets),
  • Evaluation of registration records of measuring instruments (thermogram, hygrogram, ombrogram, anemogram, radiation data),
  • on-line reports: bulletins (INTER, SYNOP, METAR, mountain INTER, HIPS) and reports from automatic meteorological and precipitation stations (1 min, 10 min to 1 h records),
  • iother sources (e.g. aerological and sunshine characteristics).

Data processing is realized by following practice:

  • Input processing by various channels, e.g. National telecommunication centre (NTC), collecting PC,
  • Decode of formal reports,
  • Formal and content control and control of completeness of inputs realized automatically or by interaction by operators,
  • Save data storing in DB and rapid access to data,
  • Computation of various climatological and statistical characteristics also other derived data (information),
  • Database maintenance (back up, optimization, administration access, installation).

Outputs from KMIS are realized by browsers, reports, logs, e-mails, automatic and ad hoc exports of data, map and graphical visualizations.


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