Water balance of surface waters quality

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The objectiv of report „Water balance of surface waters quality, in Slovakia"is the assessment of bilance of surface waters quality for the year compared with the previous year.
Processing of water balance of surface water quality for the year according to the updated methodology is based on:
• from the monitoring and assessment of surface water quality in Slovakia, in accordance with the Programme of monitoring the status of waters for year,
• from the processing of the annual balance of amount discharged pollution of waste waters for the year from the Summary records of the waters in the SHMI,
• the results of the assessment of amount and regime the surface waters,
• from information message the Slovak environmental inspections about deterioration of waters for year,
• from the legislation defining the requirements for the quality of the surface water and the environmental quality standards (EQs) for priority substances and certain other pollution substances: the Decree no. 269/2010 Coll. and the Decree no. 270/2010 Coll.



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