Sub-department of Quantity of surface waters Bratislava


The main activities of the department:

  • coordinating and methodical management of the activities of surface water departments in Bratislava, Žilina, Banská Bystrica and Košice
  • the annual report of the Partial Monitoring System "Water" - subsystem Quantitative indicators of surface water
  • performance of activities of Partial Monitoring System "Water" - subsystem Quantitative indicators of surface water in the river basins Morava, Danube, Nitra and Malý Dunaj
  • realisation of the project POVAPSYS for the establishment and operation of automatic monitoring stations
  • management of the operation and measurement process in the monitoring network of surface waters:
  • providing of the maintenance, construction and modernization of monitoring objects and measurement devices
  • searching for sites and volunteer observers, including their training, methodological management and controlling of their activities,
  • metrological documentation and creating of a database of objects and measuring devices,
  • measurement of water levels, water temperature, suspended sediments,
  • creation and updating of the discharge rating curves
  • collection, validation, processing and evaluation of observed quantitative features of surface water and preparing of data for archiving in the archive and the electronical database,
  • cooperation in monitoring, discharge measurements and assessment of quantitative features of surface water on border rivers with professional institutions of neighboring countries,
  • providing of monitored data and information about surface water, expertise, expert opinions and studies
  • updating and verification of hydrological characteristics, design parameters for water planning, decision-making activities, protection and rational use of water as well as for other activities relating to the surface water resources;
  • assessment of changes in the hydrological regime of surface waters caused by Gabčíkovo Dam,
  • methodical management and processing of water balance documents according to the valid laws,
  • providing of information and data for EUROWATERNET, OECD and other institutions at national and international levels and for public,
  • solving of research and development tasks in the hydrology of surface waters in the frame of the constitutional, national and international projects.

Ing. Blaškovičová Lotta



Sub-department of Quantity of surface waters Bratislava
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Slovak Republic
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