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  • Long-term means and extremes of selected climatological characteristics
  • Example of climatological processing at meteorological station  Telgárt

Slovak hydrometeorological institute (SHMÚ) dispose of measurement results from meteorological station network The first records comes from the year 1855. Archive has been gradually digitalized since present to past. Up to now have been digitalized records to 1951 at many climatological stations (Hurbanovo since 1901). Due to frequent changes at climatological station and its surround, i tis required consistent revision, QC/QA of the records, as well as accessibility of metadata to homogenization process especially for determination trends and question deals with climate change.

Long term means and extremes of selected meteorological elements at selected climatologiical stations of Slovak republic during the period 1951-2007:


Absolute maximum and minimum of air temperature
Mean air temperature
Maximum snow cover (new and total) high
Maximum daily precipitation total and sunshine duration

Bratislava, letisko



Košice, letisko O. Bochnicek
Lomnický štít O. Bochnicek obrazek muj
Oravská Lesná O. Bochnicek
Poprad O. Bochnicek
Sliač O. Bochnicek