Aeronautical MET Report METAR

METAR reports from military meteorological stations (MIL)
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METAR information

Meteorological reports from the aeronautical MET stations operated by AMS situated at the aerodromes with the air traffic control provision - Bratislava, Košice, Poprad, Piešťany, and Žilina. MET reports are provided in the METAR code form and are issued in the half hour step. Web site contains also METAR from the military airports Sliač, Malacky and Prešov (in 1 hour step only).

LZIB 142300Z 36015KT 0700 R31/1400N R22/1500N SN DRSN BKN004 OVC006 M05/M06 Q1000 R13/8/0232=

METAR description (Slovak)