Operational information

METAR in Approach Colour Codes


Surface map information

The surface map provides information on:
  • current meteorological conditions at selected airports in Europe in the form of so-called a colour code which, on the basis of the colour scale as indicated in the legend, expresses their suitability for approach and landing with regard to the observed values of visibility and the height of the cloud base at that time,
  • the ground pressure field expressed by lines of same pressure (isobars) and the designation of the centres of the pressure systems (L – low pressure, H - high pressure),
  • air flow in the ground layer expressed by dashed lines with an arrow (showing the direction of flow) and colour-coded flow speed (),
  • the distribution of cloud formations observed from the Meteosat satellite in the infrared band (expressed in shades of grey), and
  • position of fronts and frontal systems (forms and a colour schema is indicated in the legend of the corresponding map.
Note: Maps with weather fronts are analyzed and displayed only in a three-hour step and with a partial delay to other, regularly released maps!